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Our fenders are a one-of-a-kind product designed specifically for recreational and racing boats. Examples include privately-owned boats,  fleets owners such as community sailing centers, schools and yacht clubs, and training institutions. 

In most cases our fender has been designed well after the boat originated, so it is a retrofitted part required some installation.  However, as the virtue of the fender has proven itself, many new boats are being designed with integrate fenders.  

Below is an sample list of happy customers using Triton products.  View our online store to see the complete offering.

Team  & Match Racing

  • Keelboats: Sonar, J80, Harbor20, J/22, J/24 & IC 24, Thompson28, Elliott 6m, Swedish Match 40
  • Dinghies: V15, 420, FJ, Optimist, RS, Firefly
Training/Community Sailing/Learn-To-Sail
  • Keelboats: Colgate 26, J22, Rhodes 19
  • Dinghies: Tech Dinghy, Optimist, Sunfish, Laser
Collegiate & High School Racing
  • Virtually all school fleets feature Triton Fenders, as we support all product lines: 420, FJ, Tech Dinghy, Firefly, and Lark.

OEM/Manufacturer relationships

Rondar, Whitecap, Bennett Yachting, J/Boats, PS2000, Elliott Marine, McConoghy Boats, Roger Martin Design


Don't just take our word for it!  See what our customers have to say about Triton products...

"I would like to thank you for our 9 J-22 Bow bumpers.  I really can't speak more highly of your product. They are excellent and have saved our boats a remarkable amount of damage this season and saved us a fortune in repairs...I've been so impressed that I feel I need to contact you to inquire into whether you produce any bow bumpers that would be suitable for use on our Rhodes 19 fleet.  We have 25 boats that really need protection.  If you don't produce anything already, is there any chance you would consider producing them in the future?  Thanks again for producing such excellent bow bumpers. Courageous Sailing Center, Boston, MA 

Triton Response: Great idea!  Rhodes 19 Bow fender  available April 2012!

"I know I've said it one million times but Triton's product has saved us thousands and thousands of $$$at RCYC. We've had some nasty collisions and not one hole or need for gelcoat work so far...all due to these fenders. Should you ask anyone running a match racing program they would say these fenders are pre-requisite to the success of any club boat program."  Royal Canadian Yacht Club, Toronto, CAN 
Triton Response: OK, maybe it wasn't really said 1,000,000 times, but the damage prevention and $$$  savings are real!

"Thank you so much for the bow and transom corner fenders! The installation was simple and fast and we have already put them to the test in 8 events this season.  Once a boat hit us from astern, the cushioning worked so well that my crew didn’t believe that we got hit.  Last year we had over $2,000 dollars worth of fiberglass damage by this time and this year all we have had is some small scrapes to patch up. At this rate we should have the fenders pay for themselves within a year. You’ve made a really great product and best of luck with it!" Seawanhaka Corinthian Yacht Club, Long Island, NY 
Triton Response: Readers, do the math for your own boat or fleet: [cost of only one repair x # of repairs in 5 year period] - [cost of one fender] = [money & agony saved!]

The new V15 fender has been a great development for the V15 racers and their boats.  Over the years, damage to privately-owned boats has unfortunately become an "acceptable" result of the close-quarters combat of team racing. The
y're just hasn't been a way to prevent it.  Now, with the bow and stern fender set, virtually all damage from contact is prevented as impact forces are absorbed.  Also, the temporary installation is popular for frequent fleet racers who don't always want it.  However, the RITRA team race charter fleet has them permanently installed, which has really cut down on fleet maintenance!" Rhode Island Team Racing Association, Newport, RI 

Collisions happen.  Damage doesn't have to!

Chicago Match Race Center knows their boats will see collisions so they turn to Triton to keep them protected.  Here's why:

Installation Details

  • Permanent using 5200 will secure bumper for years of service, but can be removed if needed.  Note that 5200 - not 4200 - is recommended.
  • Temporary using recommended double-sided tape (and retaining line) will last a few days through a week.   
  • Refer to Installation Instructions document for a thorough guide. 


Don't Wait Until It's Too Late! 

Wondering if you should get Triton fenders for your boat or fleet?  Here's the short math: Triton
fenders pay for themselves in one incident from which repair - to one or both boats - is needed.  Save yourself the time, money and agony of hearing that "crunch" sound by learning from those who didn't!

Read about real customer experiences!  


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