Triton fender products are an attractive and functional addition to your boat or fleet.  They are designed to protect your investment without compromising the boat's aesthetic.  We work with sailors and boaters like you throughout the development process to ensure that products work well and look good.

Our fenders are molded with a high-grade rubber compound, a proprietary blend developed by Triton engineers specifically for marine use.  As such, our product is tough, long-lasting and resilient in the harsh marine environment.

Triton fenders also integrate smart features not found in any comparable products, such as access points for hardware or fasteners, can accommodate retainer lines (for temporary installations), and utilize "lightening" voids to reduce material and create superior impact absorption.  Most importantly, they are molded specifically for your application so the fit is right and installation is easy.

Physical Characteristics
  • Material hardness - between an eraser and car tire - is ideal for impact absorption.  It gives in compression and recovers to original shape after any impact.  It's proven to withstand significant collisions and maintain resilience over years.
  • UV stability limits discoloration and prevents rot and mitigates degradation.
  • Surface characteristics allow for aggressive adhesion with off-the-shelf marine glues (see Installation page).
  • Standard color is off-white, but other colors available for special orders.  Please contact us for more information.
  • Material surface can be cleaned with solvent to restore surface to new condition.

  • Triton fenders are shipped ready to install - no preparation of the part is needed.
  • Permanent option - using 5200 will secure bumper for years of service, but can be removed if needed.  Note that 5200 - not 4200 - is recommended.
  • Temporary option - using recommended double-sided tape (and retaining line) is suitable for daily application, or can last through a week.  Fenders do not float!
  • Refer to our Installation Instructions for more information.

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