Manufacturing Capabilities & Services Provided
If it's molded, chances are we can make it!  In addition to making our own line of products, we offer full-cycle, in-house manufacturing services.   We can simply produce your part or help you starting from the design stage.  We have the engineering and design expertise to help bring your idea to reality in a short time frame.  

Portfolio Projects
  • Custom composite enclosure
  • Injection molded-like plastic parts
  • Composite structural beam
  • Composite boat parts


Company founded by 2 engineers (mechanical and manufacturing) with several years of experience taking ideas from design to full-scale production.  We use Solidworks for all design needs and combine that with  laminate design & analysis software

Composites processes:
Vacuum bagging
Open mold, hand lay-up
L-RTM and other similar rigid, closed-mold systems
Various forms of casting
In-house mold and form fabrication, making plugs/forms by hand (the old fashioned way) or machined.

Materials used:
Epoxies, poly/vinyl, urethane resin systems
Fiberglass, carbon, prepreg and other fabrics
Core materials such as foam and balsa
Variety of finishes in gelcoat and paint
Silicone, ABS, and urethane plastics & rubbers
Aluminum, stainless and plain steel

Full wood shop
Paint spraying
MIG & TIG welding and other metal fab
Variety of processing ovens
3- and 5-axis machining centers*

* - with machining partner

Manufacturing Portfolio
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